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Swim Spa Jets: Air-Injected Vs Airless Jets

Trainer 15 swim spa jets

There are several different means of providing a current to exercise against in a swim spa. Most notably are pump-driven and propeller-driven systems. These are the means of powering swim spas jets.

In this post, we are taking a closer look at pump-driven swim spa jets and how they work, as well as comparing an air-injected spa against an airless spa.

Challenger 15D swim spa jets
Airless swim spa jets

Pump-driven current

The most common type of propulsion is a pump-driven water current. The water is drawn through a series of water filters, through the heater, before being pumped to the end of the spa and out through the jets. There may be one, two, or even three water pumps working in unison to provide the power.

Adjustability in swim spa jets

Whilst there may be three pumps, they do not all have to be working at the same time. There is also adjustment on offer from the water diverters; these are dials on the side of the spa that control where the water flows. By moving these, you can create a current that is just right for the level of effort you wish to put in.

It’s possible to set a swim spa up so that its confidence-inspiring for a child’s first swim or gives a budding triathlete a serious workout. This is all achieved at the press of a button or the turn of a dial. The swim spa jets themselves may have a small amount of movement to control the direction of the water flow. This can help direct the flow to lift your body into a better position.

Air-Injected Vs Airless

Some swim spa jets inject air into the water current in order to increase the perceived power felt and therefore making swimming and exercising more challenging. Other models are airless and can be easier to swim in due to decreased turbulence, feeling more like open water. Airless models will often have an extra pump so that they can still offer a challenging current.

Try out the different swim spa jets for yourself

Whichever propulsion system you choose in your exercise spa, we would always recommend trying it out yourself. At Hyperion Hot Tubs, we always encourage prospective buyers to take a wet test in our demonstration spas. This allows you to see and feel for yourself the difference between models. Our Dorset swim spa showroom is completely enclosed, meaning you can try a spa any time of year and in complete privacy.

If you would like to book a test, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange it.