A swim spa from Hyperion Hot Tubs combines the luxury of a swimming pool, with the hydrotherapy benefits of a hot tub.

Looking to take an early morning swim before the rest of the world wakes up, just direct the water flow to the swim jets and you have your very own lap pool. All without the associated cost and maintenance of an in-ground pool.

Then come the evening, enjoy some family time or a relaxing soak with a partner in the hydrotherapy seats that can offer a great massage all the way from your neck and shoulders, down to your lower back and legs.

Swim spas are not just the preserve of athletes, the resistance can be tailored to suit a child’s first swim or to challenge a seasoned Iron Man competitor.

The pool you can use year-round

Unlike traditional pools that need to be winterized, our swim spas can be used throughout the year, meaning you get to enjoy the benefits of your investment whenever you want. With adjustable temperature and thick insulation, you can swim in comfort, even during the depths of winter.

Work, rest or play!

With a range that spans from 12ft play pools that turn everyone into a big kid during the day, but become relaxation havens in the evening, to 19ft dual-temperature spas that combine an exercise pool and hot tub in one unit, we have a large range from which to pick your dream spa.

SwimLife Swim Spas

All our models are produced by SwimLife Swim Spas, the world’s leading swim spa manufacturer, producing 100% of their spas in Mississauga, Canada.

SwimLife™ offers three purposefully designed collections to meet different user requirements: Swim‑Fun, a compact and versatile swim spa full of life. SwimFit, ideal for families, and SwimExpert, for the most demanding users looking for performance.

Each model is designed to exceed your expectations with superior shell design and swim jet technology. All are backed by a 10-year structural guarantee

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SwimLife SwimFit 14ft

The SwimLife, SwimFit 14ft is your own private swimming pool, one where you never have to stop and turn ever again! Powered by two swim pumps, for a controlled experience no matter your ability, making it great for the entire family to join in the fun!