Welcome to Hyperion Hot Tubs, where an exceptional array of hot tubs awaits to match every lifestyle, garden size, and budget. Step into a realm of pure well-being.

Whether you are searching for a hot tub to bring the family together for some fun without the phones or looking for the ultimate in relaxation and hydrotherapy, we have your dream spa waiting.

Once seen as a pure luxury purchase, today they are a fixture in many a home due to the many benefits they can bring to your health and wellbeing. It’s like having your own massage therapist living in the garden!

Hot water and hydrotherapy can work wonders on your mind and body, from helping to relieve back pain to stress reduction and a better night’s sleep. We hear time and again how one of our spas has improved someone’s life, something we never get tired of learning.

Please take a moment to look through our various models and should you wish to find out more, or arrange a test soak either give us a call or visit us in our Dorset hot tub showroom; we will be happy to help you too.

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With a lounger, five seats and two hydrotherapy pumps, the Asteria is a powerful spa that won't take up too much space in your garden thanks to its 2 x 2m design.  


Looking for a feature-packed twin lounger spa, so you don't have to share the best seat in the house? That's the Atlas! With two spacious loungers and two hydrotherapy pumps, there is plenty of water flow to the 61 jets in this spa, ensuring a great massage for every bather.


Looking for the ultimate relaxation experience? Look no further than Theia Elysium, the perfect hydrotherapy spa for unwinding and de-stressing! With a spacious lounger and a Therapy-Seat that feels just like having a personal massage therapist, you'll feel refreshed and rejuvenated in no time.


Though it may be compact, the Eos sure is mighty! With two loungers and two hydrotherapy pumps, there is an abundance of power that ensures both bathers are guaranteed an outstanding head-to-toe massage.


Indulge yourself in an unparalleled refreshing experience with Theia Helios, an exceptional hydrotherapy spa! This hot tub boasts a spacious lounger and an exceptional Therapy-Seat, providing a massage experience akin to having a professional therapist available round-the-clock.


With a Bluetooth sound system, water features, Led lights and an ice bucket, the Oceanus makes a fantastic party spa. The all-seater layout not only makes more room for guests but is more sociable too, with everyone facing into the spa and not lying back on a lounger.  


The Selene is a spa that offers comfortable seating for five adults, yet thanks to its open-plan design kids will love splashing around in it just as much!

Sundance Alicia 680

Escape into tranquility with the Alicia™ model, a compact hot tub designed for both indoor and outdoor bliss in smaller spaces.

Sundance Altamar 880

Dive into the world of luxurious relaxation with the Sundance Altamar spa – the perfect upgrade for seasoned spa enthusiasts or newcomers seeking a traditional size with an extraordinary twist! Featuring our upgraded Fluidix Reflex jets strategically positioned for optimal performance, the Altamar offers an unparalleled full-body Swedish-style massage experience in its spacious lounge seats.  

Sundance Aspen 880

Immerse yourself in luxurious relaxation, whether you're hosting captivating entertainment experiences, accommodating a large family, or simply seeking the indulgent comfort of a king-size bed all to yourself. The Aspen embodies the perfect fusion of ultimate performance, luxury, and size.

Sundance Bristol 780

Enhance your therapeutic journey with the Sundance Bristol 780™ spa, where precision meets indulgence at every turn. Dive into relaxation with deep tissue, adjustable Accu-pressure™ jets lining the legs, granting you unparalleled control over your therapeutic experience.

Sundance Cameo 880

Indulge in the ultimate spa luxury with the Sundance Cameo – the pinnacle of uncompromising relaxation. Designed to accommodate up to six adults, Cameo boasts generous seating and diverse seat heights, ensuring every zone becomes your comfort haven.