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    Twilight TS 240

    The smallest of the Twilight range, the TS 240 has all the power of two pumps within a much more compact space, giving it a huge amount of power. Perfectly designed to fit into a corner, the TS 240 is the ideal tub for those smaller spaces with a view worth facing. Ideal for a couple or an individual.

    Twilight TS 6.2

    An ideal tub for a couple, the TS 6.2 has one lounger, one main hydrotherapy seat, two additional seats for guests, and one cool-down seat. Perfect for a smaller-garden or patio. Don’t mistake its compact form for lack of power though, with two pumps this spa still majors in hydrotherapy.

    Twilight TS 67.25

    Perfect for a couple who would occasionally socialise, the TS 67.25 has two main hydrotherapy seats at one end and three additional seats at the other end. A smaller-sized tub, this would complete a garden or patio. A great spa for those seeking a quality massage, this spa packs the same power as its bigger stablemates.

    Twilight TS 7.2

    An ideal tub for those looking to experience a great massage from head to toe, the TS 7.2 has fantastic out of water jets in the stress relief seat, targeting the neck and shoulders. The lounger is able to work the muscles down your back and into your legs, and to finish off, two Master Blaster foot jets ease the tension out of even the most tired feet.

    Twilight TS 7.25

    A very similar tub to the TS 7.2, the TS 7.25 doesn’t have the lounger but is replaced by two standard seats. This makes it an ideal party spa as all seaters are much more sociable, which is just as well as this spa features a Bluetooth sound system, water fall and Orion LED lighting, the perfect way to entertain your guests.

    Twilight TS 8.2

    A larger alternative to the TS 7.2, the TS 8.2 has the exact same layout but benefits from extra room and additional jets. The stress relief seat also boasts jets targeted at the backs of your legs, turning it into an upright lounger.

    Twilight TS 8.25

    A larger alternative to the TS 7.25, the TS 8.25 also has the same ‘party tub’ layout but benefits from extra room allowing guest to fully relax and additional jets that target your legs, an area usually missed out in all seater spas.

    Twilight TS 87.3

    The perfect tub for a family. With a unique layout of having two loungers and three standard seats ideal for children, this tub suits those who want to share the full hydrotherapy experience with the whole family. With an additional pump to the rest of the Twilight range, the TS 87.3 offers a powerful experience both physically and mentally.