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Sundance Spas History

Sundance Spas History

Over 40 Years of Innovation

Sundance Spas history is over 45-year long and in that time have cemented a reputation for making the most advanced hot tubs in the world. Formed in California USA in 1979 by Jim Clark and his sons Ron and Chuck, the business soon made a name for itself through its constant innovation.

During the 80’s, Sundance Spas became the first company to incorporate recessed jet clusters, electronic spa controls, built-in assist bars, moulded pillow headrests and whirlpool therapy jets. Things you would expect to see in any hot tub, yet they originated in a Sundance Spa.

This was just the start for the creative company and the following years brought even more groundbreaking patented technology to market, many of which have today become trademarks of the brand.

In the late 1990s, Sundance was acquired by Jacuzzi as the Sundance factory was so far ahead of others, Jacuzzi wanted to benefit from their technology and processes. In fact, Jacuzzi moved into the Sundance factory in Chino, California, and had their own tubs made there too!

Sundance Spas History
Sundance facility in Chino California.

During the 2000’s, Sundance once again pushed the industry forwards,  with the introduction of the Fluidix Intelli-Jet™. This exclusive, patented jet which adjusts to provide a steady or pulsating stream using bearingless technology with no moving parts continues to be the most impressive and versatile hot tub jet in the industry. No moving parts mean nothing to clog up, nothing to wear out, and nothing to clean and maintain. The revolutionary Fluidix series of jets are exclusive to Sundance and the range has now been expanded to deliver various different types of high performance massage actions.

The patented Fluidix jets recreate massage therapy movements, yet without any moving parts!

Sundance Spas have always prioritized clean, clear water through effective filtration and this drove them to create the patented MicroClean Filtration System, which delivers drinking water quality filtration for a spa that you bathe in! Accredited by the US Water Quality Association, this unique system was updated in both 2005 (MicroPlus Filter) and 2009 (MicroUltra Filters) and continues to this day to be the most efficient, effective way to filter hot tub water.

An early Optima 880 fitted with Microclean filtration.

The 2010’s began with one of Sundance Spas most brilliant innovations to date, with the introduction of the ClearRay UV-C Water Purification System. This has since developed to become the Clear Ray Active Oxygen system which uses a combination of UV-C and Ozone purifiers to kill off 99.9% of waterborne pathogens and reduce the usage of traditional chemicals in a hot tub by more than half.

Later in 2018, SmartTub was introduced, the first truly reliable remote monitoring and operation system that not only provides the ability for smart speakers and watches in the home to become a remote control for your spa, but also monitors energy usage data in real-time, using AI to advise on the most energy efficient settings to run!

SmartTub allows you to monitor and control your spa from your phone and even an Alexa!

Today, Sundance Spas is owned by InvestIndustrial, who invest in world-leading high-end brands such as Morgan sports cars and Rimac, the maker of the Nevera, the all-electric hypercar. InvestIndustrial has previously had stakes in other luxury brands such as Ducati motorcycles and Aston Martin. Sundance Spas is the perfect fit for such a company, with its world-leading position in spa technology and quality.

At Hyperion Hot Tubs we are truly excited to showcase this exciting brand to our customers and encourage those looking for the ultimate in spa design and performance to visit our showroom and experience the Sundance difference firsthand.