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Are Sundance hot tubs any good?

If you are currently looking to buy a hot tub, it is highly likely you will have seen the Sundance Spas brand and asked yourself “are Sundance hot tubs any good”? Read on to see why we think they should be at the very top of your shortlist!

40 years of experience!

Sundance Spas was formed in California USA more than 40 years ago in 1979. It was a family business created by Jim Clark and his sons Ron and Chuck. The brand soon became a leader within the hot tub industry, thanks to its innovative approach. For example, they were the first to bring recessed jets to market, something we would expect to see in any hot tub we look at today, yet they originated in Sundance.

A difference you will love

Sundance Spas have innovated constantly since the beginning and this has led to some incredibly feature-rich spas, with real tangible benefits. With many of them heavily patented, you will only see them available on Sundance models.

Fluidix Jets®

Fluidix® jets operate without bearings that can clog or parts that wear out, combining air and water to create highly refined massage sensations. Each jet is positioned to reach pressure points used in reflexology and acupressure so stress and strain can be a distant memory.

MicroClean™ Filtration

Sundance Spas have always prioritized clean, clear water through effective filtration and this drove them to create the patented MicroClean Filtration System, which delivers drinking water quality filtration for a spa that you bathe in! Accredited by the US Water Quality Association, this unique system was updated in both 2005 (MicroPlus Filter) and 2009 (MicroUltra Filters) and continues to this day to be the most efficient, effective way to filter hot tub water.


The SmartTub® System is designed to simplify the use and upkeep of your Sundance® spa like never before. With the convenience of your smart device, whether you’re travelling or relaxing at home, you have the capability to adjust, track, and manage your spa, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your lifestyle.

Are Sundance hot tubs any good? We think so!
Sundance Dover 780

Quality that lasts

Sundance Spas is the high-end offering from the world-famous Jacuzzi brand. If Jacuzzi is your well-built Toyota, then Sundance is your luxury Lexus, with all the latest technology. It’s a relationship that goes back to the late 1990s when Jacuzzi acquired Sundance as they wanted to benefit from Sundance’s manufacturing prowess. So much so that they moved their own spa production into the Sundance facility. If you wish to learn more on Sundance’s history, you can read our article covering the story.

Today, that means when you invest in a Sundance you are buying into a story of excellence that covers over 4 decades of producing the best hot tubs on the market. It simply does not get better!

Peace of mind

The Sundance Spas warranty is designed to give you complete peace of mind in your investment. You can soak in your spa and enjoy total relaxation, knowing you are backed up by one of the world’s largest and most experienced brands. For example, the warranty on the very popular Optima 880 spans 10 years on the hot tub shell and 5 years on the main equipment, far in excess of other brands offerings.

So, are Sundance Spas any good?

By now we hope you can see that Sundance Spas are not just good, but excellent! However, we would thoroughly recommend that you visit us in our Dorset Sundance Spas showroom to see for yourself. Features like the Fluiix jets are so very different from all other spas on the market, they really must be experienced first-hand. Only then will you understand what me mean when we say you need to experience the “Sundance Spas difference”