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How much is a swim spa?

How much does a swim spa cost

How much is a swim spa in the UK?

The typical cost for a swim spa in the UK is going to be between £10,000 and £50,000. However like any purchase, there is a considerable difference in the quality of the product itself, the quality of the swim, included features, after sales support and warranty back up.

A swim spa can be a fantastic investment in your own health and happiness, it is also a safe bet that your family will absolutely love it too! But before you take the plunge, it’s worth getting to know more about the swim spa market as a whole and therefore why upfront cost may not be the best indicator of long term value.

Before the pandemic, there was a core group of companies that produced swim spas, some were good and others average. But since then, there is now a rather large number of brands on the market, all claiming to be of the highest quality and with the largest feature set available. Many of these models may be half the price of established companies, further muddying the waters and making it hard to know what is fair value.

We all know that we get what we pay for, but nobody wants to feel they have been ripped off or have just paid a premium for a name without getting any extra benefit.

Why the cheapest swim spa may be the worst value for money

A quick search on Google reveals many companies selling swim spas from as little as £10,000, with many around the £15,000 mark. Often promising to cut out the middle man and give you a direct price. This is pretty alluring, who doesn’t want to save some money!

The real truth is that these spas are from low volume, low quality manufactures who have popped up during the pandemic to make a quick buck. It’s most likely that they also come from countries that do not have the same safety standards as somewhere like the USA, who have some of the very highest. Quite often the same spa is sold under multiple different names by different companies looking to get in on the action. This is called ‘white labelling’.

This may seem inconsequential at first, but should the dealer who sold you the spa go out of business, it’s most likely so does your connection with who made it and any chance of receiving warranty support and product backup.

In any event, these spas are often poorly built, with a shell design that does not promote a good swimming experience, for instance there may be lots of turbulence in the current, making it difficult to actually swim in. Many lack any significant insulation, as this is a cost saving that is not likely to be on show to the end user, at least not in the showroom, making their initial price less of a bargain when long term running costs are factored into the equation. The one thing they will do, is look fantastic in a brochure !

Where spending more can be cheaper long term

Conversely, buying a swim spa from a manufacturer with some real skin in the game, will see you benefitting from:

  • A well built product that is designed to last, it’s what the company has built its brand name upon.
  • Shell design optimised for smooth water flow and great for swimming, many companies use professional athlete feedback to perfect the shape.
  • Great insulation, for example in the USA it must be insulated to ensure it meets CEC regulations. Meaning running costs are reduced to the minimum possible
  • Manufacture backed warranty, this could be up to 10 years long on some models.

So how much should you spend on a swim spa?

Well spending more money on a swim spa, does not guarantee that you will get a good one. But spending relatively little on one virtually guarantees it won’t be good!

The best question is actually who should I buy from? Whilst not an absolute rule, nearly all the best swim spas come from either the USA or Canada. Don’t be afraid to ask a dealer where it was made and even ask for proof. Many are well versed at avoiding the question by stating the acrylic was made in the USA. Similarly, take the name of a manufacturer with a large pinch of salt as this is another misdirection tactic. Just because the name says “Canadian” for example, does not mean it’s been anywhere near Canada.

What if the swim spa I am looking at is not made in those countries?

It could still be a good swim spa, just as not everything from the USA is automatically great. Ask some questions, a few to start might be:

  • Where was the spa made?
  • How long have they made them?
  • Who is the warranty covered by, the manufacturer, importer or dealer?
  • Can I see one in person?
  • Can I see the insulation used?
  • Can I take a test swim? 

Don’t feel that you have to rush this process, swim spas are a significant investment. Any good dealer understands this and will give you the time to come to a decision you are comfortable with.

Swim Spa underwater shot
You most likely wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive, so we would always advise you to take a test swim where possible.

Our prices at Hyperion Hot Tubs

At Hyperion Hot Tubs we only sell American made swim spas, produced by Indiana based Master Spas. They are the worlds largest swim spa manufacturer and have been manufacturing spas for more than 25 years.

We will be using the Master Spas range to compare pricing. However you can draw similar parallels to other large American swim spa manufacturers offerings.

Therapy and fun from: £21,495

The Therapool series is just as well made as its counterparts but offers a more affordable entry into the swim spa market. This range is perfect for someone looking to rehabilitate injuries and workout in an environment that supports pain free exercise. Bigger versions such as the 15ft make excellent alternatives to an in-ground pool.

Training and recreational swimming from: £25,495

The Trainer series swim spas offer a stronger and more controllable current than a Therapool, giving you the ability to take on more challenging workouts. There is also the possibility of choosing a model that has two separate bodies of water, perfectly combining a swimming pool and hot tub.

Enthusiast and competitive swimming from: £31,995

Challenger swim spas can be used by anybody, whilst there is plenty of power it can be fine-tuned to a gentle current for a child’s first swim or a torrent of water for a seasoned triathlete looking to push the limit. Their breadth of ability makes them our most popular range of swim spas.

Professional and for those who want the ultimate, from: £41,995

For those looking to experience the very best and challenge their inner Olympian, there is the Michael Phelps range of swim spas. Featuring a turbine driven current, these spas offer almost limitless adjustability and smooth power. The range topping Mp Momentum Deep is a sight to behold!

The next step

We hope you have found this article useful, if you would like to learn more about swim spas we have a dedicated article What is a swim spa? that goes into more depth about the different types available.

Alternatively you might be ready to come and visit us and see what a swim spa is all about. We have multiple models on display, as well as the facilities to allow you to take a test swim (booking necessary). We will take the time to get to know you and your preferences, before showing you our range and finding the perfect model for you. There is never any pressure, just lots of information and friendly advice!