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Swim spa cover rolled back, Bridport Dorset

In this article we will run through the three best options for covering your swim spa, which are cover lifters, a roll-on-off cover and a Covana automated gazebo.

A great cover provides many benefits to your spa, especially when outside in a garden. They help lock in the heat, keep leaves, dirt and animals out and importantly provide a safety barrier between the water and children. When not in use, a swim spa should always have a cover on it, so one that is easy to take on and off is a must.

So, you have looked around at all the models, maybe wet tested a few and finally chosen your perfect swim spa, it even comes with a cover! Job done, right?

Well you may wish to dedicate a little more time on deciding how you will actually cover your swim spa. Now a cover may seem boring compared to the spa it protects and even a little inconsequential, but your cover choice can have a big impact on the usability of your spa and its aesthetic too.

The standard cover option

Most swim spas on the market will come with a cover included and it will look a lot like those that come with a hot tub. It’s most likely going to be made of rigid foam, with a fabric covering and folds in half.

With a swim spa, you will most likely have two of them and they will meet in the middle and be secured together by Velcro.

Now this option on its own is not a great one for most owners, the covers can be awkward and heavy for one person, and lifting them on and off can be difficult due to the height of a swim spa.

Whilst you might be willing to fight with them the first few times during summer, it can soon become an extra hurdle you have to cross in order to use your swim spa in the colder months.

A swim spa should be all about convenience in our book, the easier it is to use, the more likely you will get in that early morning workout before they day begins, so the less barriers to use, the better!

The covers are expensive and can be easily damaged if you are sliding them on / off and then storing them on the floor. 

So if thats not the answer, what is? Below we will explore the three most popular swim spa covers.

Swim spa cover lifter:

Hydraulic cover lifters fitted to a Master Spas Trainer 15 , in Wimborne Dorset.

A cover lifter is an accessory that attaches to the sides of your spa and assists with lifting the cover on and off the swim spa. Gas assisted models are available that make this even easier. Their upside is that they work with the existing cover and so are the most economical cost wise as you are just making what you have a little easier to live with.

The downside is that they store the cover in a vertical position at each end of the spa, almost like book-ends. This may not bother you at all, but if you have views that you wish to enjoy whilst in the spa, they are potentially going to block most of it, depending on the orientation of your spa in the garden. 

They also may not work very well if you are looking to submerge your spa pool in the ground and would certainly look a little funny too!

Roll on off swim spa cover:

End 2 End roll-on swim spa cover, fitted to a Therapool 13 in Bridport Dorset

A roll on roll off cover, such as an End 2 End swim spa cover, rolls up like a roll of carpet at one end . Then you simply un-roll it across the top of the exercise spa when you are finished. 

Depending on the size and design of your spa, you may be able to store the rolled up cover either on the end of the spa or on specially designed brackets fixed to the end of the spa, which form a small shelf.

The upside to these covers is that they minimise the impact on your view as they sit much lower than a traditional cover lifting set-up would and depending on the size of the spa, could be moved completely out the way by a couple of people if needed.

They also have an additional benefit in their one piece design. Because there are no joins in the middle, they form a tight seal against the top of the spa, locking in precious heat.

Should you be wishing to use just the seats of your swim spa, particularly in a dual temp swim spa, you can just roll the cover back enough to get in, keeping the heat locked in the swim end.

Covana swim spa cover:

Covana Legend swim spa cover fitted to a Master Spas Challenger 15d in Ringwood UK.

The ultimate swim spa cover is one that you will no doubt have already seen, it’s hard not to marvel at a Covana as it glides silently up!

In the closed position they form a completely solid air tight seal over your spa, locking in precious heat and everything else out.

When it’s time to enjoy your swim spa, you simply turn a key and the whole roof section elevates up above the spa to form a roof over your head. It’s as easy as that ! 

They are the easiest, most secure, most insulating cover on the market and for many are the most visually appealing as they offer a near unobstructed view out into your surroundings.

Plus you have a fantastic cover overhead, giving you year round use no matter the weather.

Covanas do come at an additional cost, but for those looking to maximise the use of their swim spa year round, they offer an unbeatable experience.

We hope this has given you some useful pointers with regards to choosing the perfect swim spa cover. If you would like any advice on what might best suit your own needs, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help!

Alternatively, why not visit our swim spa showroom in Wimborne Dorset and see these covers and the swim spas underneath for yourself!