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Hot tub installation in Lilliput Poole Dorset

If you are looking to buy your very own hot tub, but are not sure if its possible to get one into your garden due to limited access, then don’t worry. There is nearly always a solution and we will work with you to find it! Just like this hot tub delivery in Poole , every hot tub and swim spa we sell comes with a complimentary site survey where we will help you decide exactly where to put your spa. We also use the time to plan exactly how we will deliver it, sometimes thats very easy and other times it requires a bit more thought.

Hot Tub Delivery By Crane In Lilliput Poole Dorset

This customer in Lilliput, Poole, wanted a hot tub installed in his garden, which was both behind a gate and at the bottom of a slope. We decided with some care, the slope could be navigated easily, but access overall was a little more difficult. There were no neighbouring gardens we could look at using, so the only way to bring in the spa was going to be from the front of the property.

The gate access was ever so slightly too narrow, it could have been removed but not without damage and additional cost beyond that of hiring in equipment. So we liaised with a local Poole crane company who have the expertise to make it look all too easy, and together we took care of the whole install process, leaving the customer to focus on enjoying the finished article.

The finished hot tub installation looked absolutely fantastic in this garden and is sure to bring the family meany years of enjoyment from having their own spa.

If you are looking to enjoy the benefits of having a hot tub in your life, but are concerned about access issues, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have experience in getting spas into some tricky places and welcome a challenge!

Hot tub installation in Lilliput Poole Dorset